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movie resources

Internet Movie Database ( – does what it says on the tin.
Box Office Mojo – a great resource for US and international box office figures.
Metacritic – an entertainment review aggregator.
Rotten Tomatoes – a film critic review aggregator.
Launching Films – the UK Film Distributors Association website, good for UK and thus IRL release dates.
Four Word Film Reviews – again, what it says on the tin.

movie news – a movie / TV / DVD news website
Empire magazine – the UK’s best selling film magazine
Total Film – the UK’s second best selling film magazine
Subtitled Online – specialising in world cinema and tv

movie bloggers – Scannain is the Irish word for movies and that’s what you get on this film news website run by Niall Murphy.
Movie News First – Film news and reviews from movie blogger and author Olive O’Brien.
FilmFlixx – Winner of Blog of the Year 2013 at the SMEDIAS. Founded by Ross O’Neill. – film and entertainment news website, based in Ireland
The m0vie blog – film and entertainment news and reviews website, based in Ireland
The Movie Bit – film news and reviews from Vic Barry, movie lover and host of Cork Talks Back with Victor Barry on Cork’s RedFM.
Cut The Crap Movie Reviews – a US based movie reviews site
1 Frame Per Second – exploring film, one still frame at a time.
saturday night screening – four film fans take on the bad, the weird, the unpopular, the over/under-rated and the forgotten.

other good links – stupidity made simple
The Average Gamer – computer gaming news and reviews
Hyperbole and a Half – just a funny funny blog… Allie talks about her life, with pictures.
TechTV101 – an tech / gaming news blog with an Irish focus but also covering world tech news.
Digitology – The Digital Marketing Blog – A good Irish entertainment group blog, covers music, gigs, theatre, cinema etc…
The Box Set – previewing and review the best TV out there

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