review: You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (2008)

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I was in a good mood watching this film. I saw it at its Irish red carpet premiere in the Savoy in Dublin with a load of cheering competition winning fans. Also Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider were there, so that was pretty cool. Being in a good mood always helps with film watching. I think if I had seen this on DVD on my own I wouldn’t have thought much of it at all… then again it’d be very rare that I’d watch a DVD on my own…

Anyway, on to the film… You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is a weird blend; it’s a completely crass comedy, combined with a commentary on the Arab-Israeli conflict. In case you haven’t heard, I have to mention the premise. It’s about an Israeli super agent who fakes his own death to move to New York and follow his love. Of hair-dressing. I don’t know quite how they got it made and I’m still not sure how they managed to pull it off, but it works. No really!

I just don’t know what else to say about the film; it was just a stunning experience. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough Adam Sandler films (though it is the 7th or so Adam Sandler film I’ve seen) but I really just didn’t expect what I saw going on on the screen. There’s something just so bizarre about the whole film that when Mariah Carey turns up, it seems perfectly normal. Why wouldn’t she be there?

On the other hand I can hardly get away with writing a review without saying something about the film, so here goes. Basically, the whole thing is a mish-mash of all kinds of crude gags about sex (and terrorism somehow), racial stereotypes, random characters, hacky sacks and smiles. I honestly believe that while it seems like a dumb comedy, it’s actually one of the smarter comedies I’ve seen recently. It all could have come a cropper but instead it somehow all manages to hang together by the skin of its teeth.

I really recommend everyone go see it… not that I particularly think everyone will like it. Not at all, I think lots of people will think it’s unbelievably stupid but honestly, you should go see it. I’m purely only recommending it because I’d love to know what other people think of it. I for one, loved it. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Stupid as hell? Yes. Confusing? Sure. Just plain wrong a lot of the time? Probably. But in some strange way, genius.

So go along to this film, I mean why not? Come on! You might even laugh.* And after you do go and see it, tell me, what the hell is Fizzy Bubblech meant to be??


* Actually, if you hate Adam Sandler you probably shouldn’t go to this film. Personally I don’t see how anyone can hate Adam Sandler though, he was Happy Gilmore! And Robbie the Wedding Singer! Go on, watch it!

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