movie news: The Irish Pub release date set

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movie news: The Irish Pub release date set

This one kind of appeared out of nowhere for me. There’s a new Irish film coming out that pays tribute to the “Irish Pub”.

The pub genuinely is an Irish institution, it’s a part of Irish culture, and it’s a part of it that’s dying. Whether you like the pub or not, it’s a subject that deserves to be recorded for posterity.

I’m not usually nostalgic but The Irish Pub has struck me as a film that could really be an interesting and charming watch. It just looks like a sweet film. Course it could also be very sad, or it could be crap… but the trailer looks like it has the right tone and either way, I’m sure we’ll get to meet some great characters.

The Irish Pub is in Irish cinemas from October 4th, 2013

Check them out on Facebook and follow @IrishPubFilm on Twitter.

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