movie news: Standby release date confirmed!

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movie news: Standby release date confirmed!

New Irish romantic comedy Standby – which has already confirmed its world premiere at the Cork Film Festival in November – will be released country-wide in cinemas on November 14th.

I can’t say I’ve necessarily been crying out for one but seems that for once, we’re in for a genuinely sweet Irish romantic comedy. Believe it or not this is rarer than you’d think. We do a lot of drama here in Ireland, and other countries like to set their romantic comedies here, but we don’t have a lot of home grown stuff. Comedies sure, but not romantic comedies.

Starring Brian Gleeson and Jessica ParĂ©, Standby is the story of Alan. Alan’s been down on his luck recently. He’s been stood up at the altar, fired from his job and he’s now found himself working with his mother as a part-time tourist advisor at Dublin Airport. It’s working there that he bumps into his first ever love, a American with whom he shared a summer romance 8 years ago…

… If only he’d kept in touch with her…

… I’m sure you can gather where this is going.

I know it perhaps may sound a little hokey, but take a look at the trailer. If nothing else, this looks like it has a chance of being genuinely charming.

Let me know what you think.

Standby is in Irish cinemas from 14th November 2014

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    BarryNovember 11, 2014 - 11:25 am


    Truly awful and instantly unfogettable. Even when you take it for what is, that being a romcom, and you know it will be twee and predicatble it was awful. I have not not left too many movies before the end but myself and my patner just couldnt take this anyore and wandered off to watch something much better at CFF last weekend. Dire!

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