feature: Jameson Cult Film Club, the Ghost edition!

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feature: Jameson Cult Film Club, the Ghost edition!

Good news folks! The Jameson Cult Film Club is back for a 2015 autumn edition. This November, just shortly after Halloween, the brave men and women of the cult film club are turning the hand to that spooky(ish) and iconic classic…. Ghostbusters!

So far, Jameson Cult Film Club have screened Friday the 13th Part Two in an abandoned camp site, Silence of the Lambs in a psychiatric hospital and Predator in a dense rainforest. They even engineered an exploding shark in the murky confines of a closed theatre space for the recent JAWS screening. I reckon personal favourite though – of the ones I’ve been lucky enough to go to – was Die Hard, replete with Christmas party, they even had a Christmas Tree.

On Nov 4th and 5th their mystery Dublin location will be transformed into the streets of New York City. Be prepared to see the characters and event brought to life in tandem with their unveiling on the screen… who knows, we might even get a glimpse of Slimer and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man…

Oh, did I forget to mention the best part? The Jameson Cult Film Club experience is FREE!

If you’d love to head along on the Wednesday or Thursday night, visit jamesoncultfilmclub.ie and register to become a member and get your chance to win.

You must be over 18 to register.

Jameson Cult Film Club - JCFC

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