feature: The 5 Best And The Absolute Worst Of 2007.

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I haven’t really seen any movies lately as I’ve been pretty busy with work and everything and I’ve trying to develop a quick rate graphic but it’s not going well… However, it’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I should write something, thanks to Auri for the suggestion!

Without further ado and in reverse order…


Good comedy, very funny. Go rent it now. There’s really not that much I can say about it… simple story, endearing characters, good laugh!

#4Saw IV

Like ’em or not, you can’t deny that the Saw films have staying power. As you can see from the position on this list, I like ’em. I really they are the best of the genre at the moment and believe me I’ve seen a lot of the rest of the genre, the Saw films definitely are the best… Word from the wise, don’t ever watch Monster Man… and this is coming from someone who’s happy to watch the worst of the worst…

#3American Gangster

Solid drama, interesting story, well told. Been called into question lately but I still think it was very good film, very strong performances. And I didn’t hate Russell Crowe in it so that’s a major achievement on his and the directors part.

#2The Darjeeling Limited

I’ll have to write a proper review of this film when I buy it on DVD and watch it again but anyway… I love Wes AndersonThe Royal Tenenbaums is my favourite film – however I have to admit (very quietly) that I had been somewhat disappointed with The Life Aquatic. Not the case with The Darjeeling Limited, it’s very much a Wes Anderson film in the sense that it has the weird characters, the little details, the strangely out-to-time feeling… I could go one but like I said, I should write a proper review… so I’ll leave it at that.


What can I say about Transformers, not since Snakes On A Plane had I been so desperate to see a film on the big screen. Admittedly Snakes On A Plane wasn’t that long ago… but I really wanted to see Snakes On A Plane. Anyway, really I had been waiting to see the Transformers in the cinema since I was a little girl and when it finally happened it did not disappoint. Giant robots people! Giant robots! Sure the plot’s a little hokey but that ain’t the point, the effects were amazing and the efforts of the actors were admirable. I was pleasantly surprised that Michael Bay actually bothered with the people, so often in big budget action films you see characters cast by the wayside (see the film below for a prime example of that!) but I think Bay got a good mix going here… Anyway, great film, if I see another as good in the next 12 months I’ll be surprised!

#1 WorstSpider-man 3

I loathed Spider-Man 3, not just because it was a poor film, or because it rounded out a poor trilogy but because it could have been so much better. You only have to at the X-Men films or some of the Batman films to see what you can do with a comic book story.

The first film was alright but then they apparently went mad, forgot about characters, threw together some half assed villans and decided that if we were completely dazzled by sand effects, we’d never notice that the characters were made of paper.

I really felt that this particular film was excellent example of how not to do a big budget action film… and action films aren’t that hard to do… expectations aren’t that high… mine weren’t that high after Spider-Man 2 but this was still so very disappointing.

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