film review: Star Trek (2009)

film review: Star Trek (2009)

I saw this about a week an half before it came out… What would have been useful for people would have been if I reviewed it then. Unfortunately I’m pretty lazy… but at least you’re getting it eventually, right?? On with the show.

This Star Trek is actually the 11th film in the franchise, this is of course in addition to the 5 TV series and various video games associated with it. In case you never realised, Star Trek is kind of a big deal.

Marketing types would have you believe that J.J. Abrams is kind of a big deal too. Personally I could take or leave… well, mostly leave, all of his TV ventures and I had pretty much written him off. Then I saw Cloverfield. To my surprise, I really liked Cloverfield. Even now I still think about it – no mean feat for a popcorn movie. Mind you, sometimes what I think about it is how it made me feel so terribly ill… but sure, at least I’m thinking about it. So when I heard that J.J. was doing the new Star Trek film I was… curious. I’d have watched a lot of Star Trek on TV over the years but the only ST film I really liked was Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. They just never looked that interesting… but a J.J. Abrams one? Well ok.

So it was with these things in mind that I went along to the blue carpet premiere in Dublin. I mention this because one of the things I’ve noticed is that a movie always seems better when it’s free. Also, when you see it with 700 or so other people who are also seeing it for free, that makes it better too. So anyway, sat down in the theatre, Rick O’Shea said hi and had a chat with a dressed up Trekker, they gave out some prizes. Stage set. But was this going to turn out like Indiana Jones? I mean I liked Indiana Jones but I know a lot of people were annoyed about it.

Opening scene. Awesome. And I don’t use that word often. Though I will say, I did think the Romulan ship looked a bit like the Shadow ships in Babylon 5. Not that it matters, I’m just saying in case anyone else thought the same – did you? Anyway, a great start to a great film. Star Trek (11) is a success in many different ways; it has an interesting plot, it makes good use of the main characters, it’s appropriately funny, there are some great action scenes, my favourite Star Trek character is well represented (and that is important – to me as it will be to many people, albeit they may have different favourites – like I said, Star Trek is kind of a big deal.), the effects are great… what more do you want?

I’ve heard some people saying the plot is a bit confusing, I didn’t think it was but to be honest, it hardly matters at all. This film is just a great ride. Now’s probably a good time to mention Chris Pine. That man is going to be all over the place soon. Right now, I would watch him in anything and I’d say I’m not the only one. Leaving Mr. Pine aside, everyone else is strong as well. I had been worried about how Simon Pegg was going to fit into a Hollywood blockbuster. It turns out he fitted in just fine. I could go on but tbh just take it that I recommend this film to anyone who’s interested in eating a load of popcorn and seeing an excellent summer(ish) blockbuster film. It’s great.

If you don’t want to eat a load of popcorn, or even see an excellent summer(ish) blockbuster film, then don’t go to Star Trek. I’m a great believer in people watching films that work for them. Just because I say it’s a great film doesn’t mean everyone should watch. Just like not everyone should watch the fantastic film, Crank. Watch films that you feel you will appreciate. If you absolutely hate sci-fi or you want a film that you can think about, don’t go see Star Trek and moan about how everyone was saying it was great but you didn’t like it. It wasn’t made for you. If you don’t mind sci-fi and you just want to be entertain then definitely, go and see it. Go and see it now.

I’m starting to realise that this is a very long review but I still feel the need to ramble a little while longer… I just wanted to make something utterly clear. While I think this was a highly entertaining film, it’ll never be a cult classic for me. It’s great fun, it’ll make stars out of some of the cast and undoubtedly it will rejuvenate the Star Trek franchise… but at the heart of it, it’s candy. There’s no meat to it, there’s no real emotion, there’s nothing beyond the sparkle it’ll put in your eye for those couple of hours. I had a great time at the premiere but after, I went home to the real world. The old Star Trek had its roots there.



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    Eoghan CreganMay 22, 2009 - 5:17 pm

    9/10 is gotta be way over average. I call shenanigans!

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    nicola-tMay 22, 2009 - 9:47 pm

    Going back over the blog I realise that I never made this clear… When I say average film reviews I meant that I would be reviewing i)normal films that the average person would watch… and ii) reviewing them through an average persons eyes. I think I did mention it on the facebook page for the site though –

    Mind you, that “average” person is of course me, and I’m far from average 😉

    I suppose I just meant that I wouldn’t be all pretentious and referencing films normal people have never heard of. I hope I’ve done that anyway!

    But yes, Star Trek is better than the average film 🙂

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