movie news: New featurette for Scarlett Johansson’s Under The Skin

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movie news: New featurette for Scarlett Johansson’s Under The Skin

Jonathan Glazer’s never been one you could describe as conventional. Under The Skin sees Scarlett Johansson as an otherworldy being, literally – an alien in human form. Going against convention again, as he did with Birth and his excellent work in advertising, Glazer chose to shoot some of Scarlett’s scene as real – driving around the street of the Scottish city, luring unsuspecting men into her nondescript white van…

At the heart, Under The Skin it’s a film about landing into our society with no preconceptions and seeing our world through alien eyes. While it’s based on Michel Faber’s sci-fi novel of the same name, I have heard that it actually bears only passing resemblance to it in tone… but having only seen the film, it’s definitely an interesting concept.

Filled with provocative imagery and overlayed with a uniquely atmospheric score by Mica Levi, the film is a full sensory experience – translating Scarlett’s alien consciousness to the big screen in a confusing yet curiously engaging episodic affair.

The film received very positive reviews from its appearances at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and Glasgow Film Festival last month and this featurette gives you some insight into why Scarlett chose to participate in this unusual project.

Under The Skin is in Irish and UK cinemas from 14th March 2014 and US cinemas from 4th April 2014

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