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Anyone who’s been reading afr or following us on twitter will know that… I’m a big fan of horror films.

I dunno why really, they aren’t my favourite films. It’s not the most consistent of genres and, oftentimes, it’s not the most taxing on the brain… but I guess I just feel like, you know what you’re going to get with a horror…

… If it’s a slasher flick, there’ll be loads of kilings and blood. If it’s ghost story, there’ll be lots of stuff jumping out at you. If it’s thriller, there’s a 99% chance there’s gonna be a “twist“. Vampire film? No-one’s gonna believe there’s a vampire. Zombie film? Zombies. You get the idea. I dunno. I just think they’re good solid entertainment. Even the really bad ones are so spectacularly bad that they’re entertaining *

All that said, I don’t really know which particular sub-genre of horror Kevin Smith’s latest offering falls into. But I think it looks good. I’m not mad about Kevin Smith. I, like many people with eyes, hated Cop Out. But I really enjoyed Zack and Miri Make a Porno and, casting the net further into the past, Dogma. Even though he’s said some strange stuff lately, I’m still willing to give him a chance.

Besides… Red State looks pretty good.

Have a look at a few of the trailers below…

Red State poster 2011RELEASE DETAILS

release date: 30th September 2011
director: Kevin Smith
writer: Kevin Smith
cast: Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Michael Angarano
genre: horror, thriller
running time: 97 mins

Video clips available
Teaser trailer (with Kevin Smith introduction)
Theatrical trailer (green band)
Theatrical trailer (red band)

Teaser trailer

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Theatrical trailer (green band)

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Theatrical trailer (red band)

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Red State is releasing in the UK and Ireland on 30th September 2011.

* = Except Reeker. There’s just no excuse for the travesty that was Reeker

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    DarrenAugust 24, 2011 - 6:55 pm

    Oh my fucking Jebus, that looks good.

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