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I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a fraud reporting on Taken 2 when I still haven’t seen the first one… After all this time. The shame.

taken 2 poster liam neesonTo be fair, at the time I heard it wasn’t very good so I didn’t bother. Since then however it seems to have evolved into some kind of cult film. Insofar as you can call a film that grossed almost a quarter of a million worldwide a cult film. It’s the popularity of the meme I suppose that clinches it.

I assume you all have seen the first, or at least seen the trailer for the second. Given that this is a featurette, there are bound to be spoilers. To bring you up to date on what I know… Taken 2 picks up not that long after the events of the first. As far as I can gather, Neeson killed a lot of people in the first film and now those people who are left are upset.

To say the least.

Fortunately for Neeson, he is still in possession of that very particular set of skills…

In this featurette we mostly see scenes that were in the trailers but we also hear from Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and Liam Neeson himself.

Taken 2 is in UK, US and Irish cinemas from 5th October 2012

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    Vinnie DzurnakFebruary 13, 2013 - 7:02 am

    “Taken 2” is really, really goofy — it’s even goofier because it thinks it’s about the futility of vengeance — but Liam Neeson almost makes you buy it. *

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