feature: The Japanese Film Festival 2013 Highlights

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feature: The Japanese Film Festival 2013 Highlights

Every year I look forward to the Japanese Film Festival. Now in it’s 5th year, it’s the only time of year that fans of Japanese cinema, like myself, are spoilt for choice in the cinemas. Save the occasional one that pops up in the IFI, the odd few that appear in DVD rental store and buying them in the exceeding rare number of shops that actually sell DVDs, there are precious few ways for Irish people to see Japanese, or even Asian films, at all, aside from the likes of the annual Japanese Film Festival.

The festival is collaboration between the Embassy of Japan and the good folks of access>Cinema. Through their network of independent screening venues, access>cinema bring all manner of world and arthouse film to towns all over Ireland and each year they team up with the Embassy to create the Japanese Film Festival “road show” if you will. My words, not theirs.

You see, the Japanese Film Festival is a little different from the other film festivals in Ireland… in that it travels. It’s kicking off in the Light House Cinema in Dublin on Thursday 11th April 2013 and Triskel Arts Centre in Cork on Friday 12th but you’ll also be able to see a selection of the films in Limerick and Galway, finishing up in Waterford on Thursday 25th.

You can see the full festival programme on the access>cinema Japanese Film Festival 2013 page but here are a few highlights I’ve picked out of the 15 films that will be showing.

Nicola’s picks for the Japanese Film Festival 2013

009 RE: Cyborg

009 RE: Cyborg is screening in Dublin and Cork.
UCD Student Centre – Thursday 11th @ 6pm (call 01 716 3810)
Light House Cinema, DublinSaturday 13th April @ 6pm
Triskel Arts Centre, CorkTuesday 16th @ 6.30pm

In 1964 9 humans were abducted, altered and turned into cyborg weapons. They rebelled and struggled and eventually world peace was restored. 50 years pass and the cyborgs have all been forgotten, until… the world is attacked out of the blue. The cyborgs come back to fight once more against evil, but this isn’t the same world they hid away from all those years ago.

I’m a sucker for sci-fi, any kind of sci-fi. So this is one that’s definitely on my list.

The Light House screening of 009 RE: Cyborg will feature an Q+A with Jonathan Clements

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney is screening in Dublin, Cork and Galway.
Light House Cinema, DublinSaturday 13th April @ 8.30pm
Triskel Christchurch, CorkFriday 12th @ 8.15pm
Eye Cinema, GalwayWednesday 24th @ 7pm

From the incredibly prolific Miike Takashi, director of Visitor Q, Ichi the Killer and The Happiness of the Katakuris (all in 2001), comes the big screen version of… Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney!

Originally only released in Japan, Ace Attorney is a series of video games where the player takes on the character of Pheonix Wright, a rookie defense attorney who has to try and get a “not guilty” verdict by using “investigation”, “cross examination” and “evidence” to plead his case.

I’ve never played it but I always thought it sounded like a bit of fun. To be honest, all I know about it is that from time to time during the game you press a button and Pheonix shouts “OBJECTION”. I kinda wanna watch the movie just for that.


Rent-A-Cat is screening Cork, Dublin and Galway.
Triskel Arts Centre, CorkSaturday 13th April @ 6pm
Light House Cinema, DublinSunday 14th @ 1pm
Eye Cinema, GalwayMonday 22nd @ 7pm

It’s about a lady who rents out cats to people who are feeling lonely. I’m sold.
I’m sure other stuff happens but this.

The Woodsman and the Rain

The Woodsman and the Rain is screening in Cork, Dublin and Waterford.
Triskel Arts Centre, CorkSaturday 13th April @ 8.20pm
Light House Cinema, DublinSunday 14th @ 6.10pm
Garter Lane Arts Centre, WaterfordTuesday 23rd @ 8pm

Katsu is an elderly lumberjack, minding his own business, when all of a sudden a film crew appears in his quiet little mountain village. They’re there to shoot a zombie film. Unfortunately for the crew, the director’s incompetant and the villagers don’t want them there. Katsu and the rookie director find themselves trying to make it all work amidst a maelstrom of zombies*.

Comedy ensues.

For a full timetable of events, check out the programme on the access>cinema website

* – I may be taking some artistic license here.

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