movie news: New trailer for Red 2

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movie news: New trailer for Red 2

Three years after the first film, the Red squad are back in Red 2. Actually, I don’t think they were ever called the RED squad. After all, RED supposedly stood for Retired Extremely Dangerous. So it wouldn’t really make sense. Also, they weren’t a squad. You should probably just ignore that first sentence…

Anyway… that’s not what matters here.

And indeed what does matter here? I’m not saying Red was a bad film, it was perfectly entertaining… but it’s a queer one. It’s like they set out to make an action film for the people who were adults aged 30+ in the ’80s and liked action films. That’s as fair as I can describe it. So it’s a pretty specific genre. I’m not sure anyone was crying out for one.

Red came and went and we all had a chuckle… It was decent for what it was. Great cast, servicable plot and there was some novelty to be had seeing the likes of John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Richard Dreyfuss in an action flick. Plus, Bruce Willis is always dependable (and I won’t hear otherwise!) and everyone looked like had great fun making the film. Which is sometimes more important than you realise. I didn’t even mind Mary-Louise Parker in it, and that’s saying something believe me.

However. I was very surprised to hear they were making a sequel. It made an ok amount of money, $200m worldwide according to, but I’d hardly call that incredible. And I don’t remember anyone particularly saying it was a stroke of genius that must be replicated… And besides, don’t these guys have better things to do?

I guess maybe making Red was even more fun than we realised because almost everyone is back for Red 2, and they’ve added a few more names with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Neal McDonough and Anthony Hopkins joining the fray. And they’ve got Dean Parisot directing this time – director of Galaxy Quest, another fun…. old timers (??) action flick.

Is this really a genre now?

Anyway, as you might have noticed in the title, there’s a new trailer out for Red 2 and it looks like a lot of fun. Even if I’m still not quite sure why. Apparently someone else does though because the rumour is that a script for Red 3 is already in the works…

Are you looking forward to Red 2? Let me know in the comments.

Red 2 is in UK and Irish cinemas from 2nd August 2013

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