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Actually I think Scar was released in 2007 but this was the 3D version that was re-released into cinemas in 2008. Though… I have no idea if the original “flat” version of Scar was ever released in cinemas here… I hope not. As far as I can make out, Scar is not a good film. Scar 3D certainly wasn’t.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times in the blog, I like my horror films. I don’t scare particularly easily and I’ve no problem watching buckets of fake blood so it’s all good. The problem with liking horror films is that you end up feeling like you have to try them all out… So many people don’t like horror films that you kind of feel like you have to stick up for the genre sometimes. It was this particular feeling that led me to Scar 3D recently. That and the fact that it had 3D in the title. I’ve only seen one 3D feature film before (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and it looked great so I was interested to see what 3D could do for a horror film.

I should mention that I had been under the impression that Scar was made for 3D, I hadn’t realised that that it was just normal film that was turned into 3D.

The story is fairly standard fare. A women, who had been held prisoner in her teens by a serial killer but managed to escape, returns to her home town many years later. Next thing you know, young good-looking people who happen to be friends with her good-looking niece start turning up dead. There’s really not much point in talking about the plot. It’s unbelievably predictable. In fact if anyone wants to guess then write and comment and I’ll let you know if you’re right.

The blood and violence is nothing over the top – I mean it’s not particularly pleasant but it’s nothing more or less than you’d expect from your average horror/slasher film. Normally you’d expect a thriller element to a film like this… there isn’t really anything thrilling about it. And actually… the good-looking people aren’t that good-looking. So on the whole this is really a nothing film. There’s just nothing going on with it.

So what about the 3D? I hear you ask. Well… to be honest it wasn’t great. While watching the film I thought it was just me. I have a lazy eye and I did find in The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D that when things were particularly far away or close up then they looked a bit double. However I asked my two mates with normal vision afterwards and they said the same thing, there was a good bit of doubling in the picture and for some reason some parts of the picture looked reflective or something. It was really very strange. It did work a bit though in that it was 3D however the best 3D effects were in the title sequence… and that should hardly be the highlight of a night in the cinema.

I learned two things that night at Scar 3D

1) Don’t be tempted by any old horror film.
2) 3D does not make a crap film interesting.


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