film review: Whiteout (2009)

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whiteout posterTuesday night and myself and a friend thought we’d go to the cinema. We had been trying to go the The September Issue but it was on too late and the only thing that looked good that we hadn’t see was District 9… but I had promised a mate I would see that with them… so… Whiteout was the compromise.

I didn’t know much about this film going in. In fact, up until the Monday I thought it was about vampires. Look, Kate Beckinsale is in it and it looked a lot like 30 Days of Night. Anyway it turns out the film has nothing to do with vampires at all. Once I got over that it was more interesting… I did not like 30 Days of Night

The premise is that Kate Beckinsale is a US Marshal who’s based in a research station on the South Pole. A quiet job for a troubled cop. We pick up just before the station plans to pack up and head north for the winter. Just before they go, a murder takes place… I’m sure you get the idea.

To be honest, it’s a pretty predictable film, they throw in a couple of extra plot details here and there but they really extraneous. More than a few ridiculous things happen along the way though and it can be fun to say things like “WHAT?” and “WHY??” when you’re watching a film. The performances are bog standard, Ms. Beckinsale looks great as usual but no-one stands out really. You might spend a little while going “Who’s that guy again?” – it’s Tom Skerritt. I’m not sure where I know him from… I think it might have been Picket Fences

There really is no reason to watch this film other than the bask in the beauty of the landscape. That’s not a bad reason though. I gather it was mostly filmed in Canada so I don’t know how much is CGI and how much is real tundra but it doesn’t really matter. It does look stunning.

Should you see? Probably not, but if you’re in the mood for an almost half decent thriller and there’s nothing else you want to see, then you may as well. It’s harmless, there are a few good tense scenes and you shouldn’t be too angry at the end as long as you’re not expecting too much.


noSPicedhAM just reminded me about the completely random shower scene… I’d forgotten myself but for those who are interested then considered yourselves notified! That could be reason alone to go and see it…

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