releasing this week: Daybreakers & The Road

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Two movies releasing in Ireland this Friday (8th January ’10) that I’m looking forward to: Daybreakers and The Road. I’ve already talked about The Road this week so I guess I’ll just talk about Daybreakers.

When I heard a bit about the plot of Daybreakers I was pretty sceptical. It sounded a bit thrown together; plague, vampires, oppressed humans, world falling apart… blah di blah… haven’t I seen a movie like this before? Haven’t I seen a few movies like this before??

Then I had a look at the trailer…

Day Breakers screen shot

click image to watch the Daybreakers trailer on

… and thought it looked brilliant. I’ve picked the 60 second trailer here because I do think it looks like it gives to much away. So actually I’ve only really “skim” watched it because as soon as it started to look good I looked away. It’s something I do every time I see a trailer for a film that could be really good… admittedly this can be difficult when you see them in the cinema. I usually look at my popcorn in that case.

Now I do like my sci-fi and vampires* and all that lark but I guess the main thing that makes me want to watch this it is that it looks a bit like Gattaca… aesthetically like, the plot obviously isn’t similar. I loved the “look” of Gattaca, one of my favourite films. Also Ethan Hawke is in it. In case you didn’t know, he’s in Gattaca as well. Plus the trailer uses Placebo’s cover of Running Up That Hill (originally by Kate Bush). Great choice.

In fact my only concern is that I’ve never heard of the writer/directors Michael and Peter Spierig. Thankfully early reports have been good, not that that would make a difference to my going, but now I’m really really looking forward to it.

Daybreakers is in Irish cinemas now.

* and by the way, I haven’t seen or read Twilight so that’s not why I like the look of a vampire film…

… not that I have anything against Twilight

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