feature: Priest (2011)

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feature: Priest (2011)

I spy with my little eye…. some kind of alternate future / post-apocalyptic dystopia!

If you don’t know by now that this is my favourite genre of film then… I guess you just haven’t read my review of The Road, or my top 10 films of the decade article where I talk about Children of Men, or the previews of Repo Men, The Book of Eli or Daybreakers. Which is grand. I don’t expect people to read everything I write…

Priest poster Paul Bettany Cam GigandetBut anyway, if you didn’t know that, now you do.

Knowing that then you probably won’t be surprised that I’m well excited by the latest trailer for Priest. This may lose me some friends and alienate people but… I’m a sucker for these kinds of films. What can I say? I think it just looks cool.

As far as I can glean, it’s about these priests who are meant to fight evil. It would appear the evil is in the form of some kind of mad looking vampires. I don’t know why. I don’t really care why so it’s all good. All I’m sure about is that it’s all very dark and ominous looking. Just the way I like it.

Further research reveals that it is loosely based on a Korean manhwa of the same name.* Interesting. Hopefully this means there’ll be some kind of plot to back up all this action in the trailer.

Course there’s some out there who remember Legion (which I didn’t see) and are very skeptical. Maybe they’re right to be. I couldn’t possibly comment. I do think Paul Bettany plays a great creepy bastard though and that any film can be improved by the casting of Cam Gigandet. So…

Speaking of Cam Gigandet, I looked back over my Burlesque review and I’m actually shocked I didn’t mention him. I swear, they must have decided that Ali was made of steel in that film. Made of steel.

Anyway I’m looking forward to it. I may live to regret saying all of this though. It could turn out to be awful. Here’s hoping for a good ‘un.

Priest is due in Irish cinemas in 3D (and possibly 2D, I’m not sure) on 13th May 2011.

* = Even further research reveals that the descriptor “Korean” in the that sentence was redundant.

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