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Buried Poster Ryan Reynolds Saul BassBuried opens officially in Ireland this Friday (1st Oct) and I absolutely urge you to go and see it.

I’ll write a full review during the week when more people have had a chance to see it; this is definitely one that you don’t really want to know about going it.

All you really need to know is that it’s basically a high concept film. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way but I don’t really know another way to put it… it’s called Buried and it’s about a guy who’s buried in a box. Ok, it’s about Ryan Reynolds buried in a box but honestly please don’t let that put you off… the guy can act I tell ya. He can certainly act in a box anyway… Aside from that, some folks are calling it a horror… personally I don’t about that. I suppose it is in a way but not in any traditional sense, or rather, sense that I would call traditional … In any case it doesn’t really need to modifier, it’s a straight up thriller imo.

Oh and I guess I could tell you a couple of technical things, it was shot in 17 days and edited in 5 weeks, it’s mostly shot with the light sources that were in the box, and there were seven different boxes. Actually I do want to make special mention of the lighting, massive kudos to Reynolds and Eduard Grau the cinematographer. Grau was also cinematographer on A Single Man, a beautiful film and one of my faves that I saw this year.

There, that wasn’t telling you too much I think…

I do want to give a little warning though… it’s tough going and to be honest, I didn’t love the first 5 mins or so, so you’d want to be in the mood to immerse yourself in the concept. Obviously I believe that the films draws you into it but, of course, it’ll help if you’re not in the mood for say, a comedy…

Let me know if you do see, critics have generally been very kind to it but I’m very keen to know what the average person thinks of it.

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