movie news: First teaser trailer for Grace of Monaco

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movie news: First teaser trailer for Grace of Monaco

In 1956, Hollywood starlet Grace Kelly became true royalty when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Nicole Kidman stars as the titular Grace of Monaco while Tim Roth plays Prince Rainier. We’ve also got support from Frank Langella, Parker Posey, AndrĂ© Penvern, Milo Ventimiglia and Derek Jacobi.

It’s purportedly set in the early ’60s, at a time of serious dispute between Monaco and France however Nicole Kidman has hinted that the film is more a character study than a biopic. Well more than hinted really, she said to Le Figaro that “This is not a biopic or a fictionalized documentary of Grace Kelly, but only a small part of her life where she reveals her great humanity as well as her fears, and weaknesses.”

Given that Grace Kelly’s children, the current royal family of Monaco, are apparently quite critical of this “needlessly glamorised and historically inaccurate” film, I hazard a guess that perhaps we should not believe all we see.

Still, that doesn’t preclude this being a good film. It’s not really easy to tell what it’ll be like from this teaser but Nicole Kidman’s a great actress and a good character study can be hard to beat.

Grace of Monaco is in UK and Irish cinemas from 29th November 2013

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