releasing this week: Buried and Back to the Future

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So… one of the films I’m highlighting this week is an absolute classic that’s 25 years old and hopefully everyone has already seen… while the other one, I’ve already done a feature on this week. And there are only two other films releasing this week so… I guess it’s going to be a short article today.

Buried poster Rodrigo Cortes Ryan ReynoldsThe main one that I want to you all to go to this week is Buried.

You can have a quick look over at the feature I’ve done to have a look at the trailer and get a sense of what it’s all about.

Basically it’s Ryan Reynolds in a box for 90 odd minutes. This is really excellent film-making. An actor, director and cinematographer have come together to make a riveting and intense piece of work… but I just know there are people out there who aren’t going to take it seriously because it’s Ryan Reynolds. Leave your preconceptions at the door people. They aren’t welcome here.

I should mention the whole claustrophobia thing, I’m not claustrophobic at all and I don’t suffer from any particular fear of being buried alive so I didn’t feel affected by any of that. Listening to Mark Kermode talk about it though, it seems that it could be a bit of a problem for some people. So err… bear that in mind.

That said, I was a wreck coming out of Buried. It’s a difficult movie so make sure you’re in the mood for a bit of relentless tension.

Back To The Future posterBack to the Future is back!

I was 5 years old when BTTF came out originally and I never got a chance to see it in the cinema. Even if I had, I’d probably barely remember it. Actually who knows, I might have seen it and just forgotten.

Anyway, the fact that you can now go see it in a cinema near you is a reason for great joy. Back to the Future, and its two sequels, are absolute classics. Smart, funny, sophisticated, good looking, you will be all these things if you go and see this film. And if you haven’t seen BTTF before… I’m not going to chastise you… I want to… but, since this is a joyous day I’m just going to say, get thee to the cinema and appreciate the greatness that is Back To The Future.

Then go buy the DVDs/BDs and watch them all.

Oh, if you’re wondering why it’s back in cinemas, it’s something to do with remastering the originals and putting them out on blu-ray at the end of the month. Apparently it’s looks as pristine as the day it was shot. Or something like that. Maybe it’s not remastering, I don’t know what the film term for it is… but you know what I mean right? The BDs will also have loads of new extras and stuff so everything a fan of the films could need. Yay!

Other films releasing this week…

Made in Dagenham – From the director of Calendar Girls comes the story of the 1968 walk out by female workers in the Ford assembly plant in Dagenham over the matter of equal pay. This protest was instrumental in the setting up of the Equal Pay Act of 1970 in the UK. I’m sure it’s a fascinating and very worthy story, but it’s just not my style.

Takers – Action crime thriller about a gang of bank robbers who find their plans interrupted by a tough-as-nails detective. Starring Matt Dillon (I like him), Hayden Christensen (err, not so much), Zoe Salanda (ok) and Chris Brown (really?). Sounds like a bog standard heist gone wrong film tbh.

Buried, Back to the Future, Made in Dagenham and Takers are all in cinemas from Friday 1st October 2010.

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