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Here at Average Film Reviews, we’re big fans of Dwayne Johnson. I mean I saw Tooth Fairy. TOOTH FAIRY. And I didn’t even hate it… Because The Rock was in it. I’m not sure if we’re allowed call him The Rock any more but oh well.*

Faster Dwayne JohnsonAnyway, with Planet 51, Race to Witch Mountain and The Game Plan all under his belt, I was getting a bit worried that our friend was starting to get typecast into family movies. What if he never properly kicked ass again! Imagine my delight when I saw his next film is a proper action flick.

In Faster, Dwayne Johnson plays an ex-con out for revenge for the murder of his brother. Nothing will stand in his way, though a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) and a hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) are going to try.

In this exclusive clip you see the killer getting hired. As you’ll notice, he’s well stocked for his mission. You’ll also see Maggie Grace. I like that. I like seeing what the folks from Lost are up to.

You can also have a look at the full trailer below.

Faster is releasing in the UK and Ireland on 25th March 2011.

* Edit: Sean Burton over at Review Avenue reminded me that he actually is back in the WWE for the time being, so he is The Rock again. Hurrah and thanks Sean!

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