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If you’re looking for an Oscar prediction ballot form for 2013, I have one right over here – 2013 Oscar Predictions Ballot Form.

So, how has the Awards season made you feel this year? Happy? Sad? Angry? Indifferent? Well… prepare to feel more of whatever you’ve felt about them so far because, yes yes, the Oscar nominations are out! You can see a full list on the official site here.

As usual, I’ll be doing an Oscar predictions post closer to the time but for now, as it seems to be becoming a tradition… I’ve done an Academy Awards 2012 A4 printable prediction ballot for you to fill out and do with what you wish. I’m not saying you should organise a pool amongst your friends or anything but like… you know, the form is handy for that type of thing…

This year I decided to redesign the Oscar prediction ballot form because I wanted to fit in more categories. It is still printable on 2 A4 sheets but I’ve kept the biggest categories on the first page so you can just not print the second if you want to keep it simple.

Feel free to send me your predictions as well, I am ever curious to know what other people think. You can e-mail your ballot form to nicola at averagefilmreviews dot com and if enough of you do I’ll announce the person who got most right on the blog on the 27th. I may even have a prize for the first entrant who gets all 21 right.

Anyway, to get the prediction ballot click the links below. I’ve done a pdf version this year as well. Oh, and I also put some tie breaker questions in for y’all.



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