feature: 88th Academy Award Nominees ballot form (2016)

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feature: 88th Academy Award Nominees ballot form (2016)

Oscar nominations anyone? If you need an A4 printable Oscar predictions ballot form… here it is!

For the full list visit the official site here.

The ballot has 21 categories and a couple of tie-breaker questions so definitely the way to prove you know your movies. Well, ok… I do leave out some of the smaller categories as I do feel like they turn a friendly competition into one of luck – after all there is a very low likelihood that most people will have see the short film categories.

Anyway, I am ALWAYS curious to know what other people’s predictions are. You can e-mail your ballot form to nicola at averagefilmreviews dot com and if anyone gets all 21 right, I might even have give out a prize.

To download the prediction ballot click the links below. I’ve done a pdf version as well.



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