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Cosmopolis posters, Robert Pattinson, David CronenbergI was thinking about it earlier and I reckon, in terms of the pure number of films I’ve seen from a director, David Cronenberg ranks as second. First is Steven Spielberg, but then you can’t trip over without seeing a Spielberg film. Cronenberg I’ve seen the most by choice.

What can I say, I do love his work. Except for A Dangerous Method. I was sorely disappointed by A Dangerous Method. Not particulalrly because thought that it wasn’t “Cronenbergian” enough. Just because, I didn’t think it was a worthy piece of storytelling. I just didn’t find it in any way interesting or compelling viewing…. Sorry Mr. Cronenberg… Very sorry…

This is why I am all the more enthused by this first full trailer for his new film, Cosmopolis.

I don’t really want to get into the plot, partly because I don’t want to spoil it on myself, and partly because I suspect from the trailer that the synopsis at the moment is only skimming the surface of what happens in the film. I think the gist of it is, Robert Pattinson is in a car. Also, he may be bored of life. Then again he looks bored a lot of the time… going on his previous work.

Truth is, I stopped watching this trailer approximately half way through. It became increasingly apparent that this is definitely a film I’m looking forward to so I want to know as little as possible. That fact that it stars Robert Pattinson isn’t going to put me off, as I said in my Bel Ami review, I do think he’s capable of making a good film and I’m hoping this is it.

The important thing is, it looks like Cronenberg is bringing back some of the paranoid, surrealist and nightmarish elements of his writing that we haven’t really fully seen since eXistenZ. Even with Pattinson, in Cronenberg I trust.

Except for that one time.

The date on the trailer says May 2012, but as it’s a French trailer we just have to ignore that, it’s premiering at Cannes in May. IMDb has a small list of release dates for various territories but as of yet the US, UK and Ireland have not been announced.

I’ll be putting together a full clips and trailers post when an official US / UK or Ireland trailer comes out but for now… feast your eyes…

Source: Allocine

Cosmopolis does not yet have a release date for the US / UK or Ireland

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