movie news: Writer chosen for new Star Wars film

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movie news: Writer chosen for new Star Wars film

I didn’t write about it but if you’re in any way a film fan I’m sure you probably noticed that Disney bought Star Wars there a couple of weeks ago…

michael-arndt-oscar-star-warsNot just Star Wars but all of Lucasfilm’s properties, including Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light & Magic. All for the princely sum of $4.05bn in cash and stock. The sale still hasn’t cleared the regulator but Disney apparently feel they need to strike while the iron is hot. With the announcement of the acquisition they announced a new Star Wars film in 2015 and now they have announced the writer. They’re all about the announcements.

Happily, it looks like good news… They’ve chosen Michael Arndt.

Who? Well, let me tell you, he’s only the guy who wrote the screenplay for Toy Story 3!

I loved Toy Story 3. Like… really loved it. I saw it 3 times in the cinema… and I think I cried every time. I’m still not entirely sure if it was better than the other two but it certainly was a worthy finale, if indeed it turns out to be Buzz and Woody’s last feature length adventure.

Aside from Toy Story 3 Arndt’s CV isn’t all that long, his first and only feature film before Toy Story 3 was Little Miss Sunshine. For which he won an Oscar. So that’s pretty good.

Since those successes he’s been very much in demand. He’s got 4 films on the go at the moment. He had a hand in writing Oblivion – Tom Cruise’s next project, as well as 2014 comedy Phineas and Ferb… but the big two are next year’s Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire and the next Pixar movie, also due in 2015.

I’d be curious to see if this will have an effect on the upcomig Pixar film but given that “The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind” is already in pre-production and is 3 years away, I imagine he’ll find a way to fit it in.

But how will Michael Arndt fit into Star Wars?

Very well I hope. It’s hard to tell, given that the last 3 left the series in such a mess, but I have faith that somewhere, somehow George Lucas really does have an idea of the story he wants to tell.

Here’s to hoping that Michael Arndt and Disney are the people to get it out of him.

Who do you think should direct the new Star Wars film? Let me know in the comments.

source: Yahoo!

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    RickNovember 23, 2012 - 1:07 pm

    Arndt seems like a good choice. As many have said before me, Brad Bird would bring a great, energetic sensibility to the film but as he has recently ruled himself out, I’d say Jon Favreau. His work on Iron Man shows a great understanding of story structure, set-up/pay-off and empathy.

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