movie news: First Pacific Rim poster feat. Coyote Tango

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movie news: First Pacific Rim poster feat. Coyote Tango

What’s Coyote Tango? You’re probably wondering.

In Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, the countries of the world unite to build giant robots. They have to, on account of the giant monsters which have seemingly appeared out of nowhere and are intent on eating us all. Or something like that. Coyote Tango is one such robot, or Jaeger, as they are known in the film.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Pacific Rim yet, it’s very much taking its cue from the good ol’ Japanese monster films. The giant monsters in Pacific Rim are called Kaiju, which in Japanese literally means “strange beast” and it’s evolved into a word that generally refers to the giant monsters of the classic ’50s and ’60s Japanese films like Godzilla and Mothra.

I have to admit. I’m not entirely sure about Pacific Rim… it has a wiff of Battleship off it… And even though I liked Battleship (honest!) I can’t exactly say it was a good film. It’s going to be tough to put together a giant robot vs. giant monster film that competently stays out of the B movie territory… so unless this is going to be a rough and rollicking B movie pastiche, I have to be cautious.

Then again, if there’s a man to do it, you could do a hell of a lot worse that Guillermo Del Toro so….

No. I’m still scared. I guess we’ll just have to see.

We’ve actually had a look at Coyote Tango already, as part of the series of Jaeger schematics that have steadily been released, but here’s his first poster.

Looking forward to Pacific Rim? Let us know in the comments…

Pacific Rim, Coyote Tango

Pacific Rim is in UK, US and Irish cinemas from 12th July 2013.

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