review: My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

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Contrary to popular belief, not all slasher flicks are the same. Ok, the formula tends the same in all of them – take a group of youngsters, add one homicidal maniac and watch the blood fly all over the place – but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Ok, there’s lots of bad ones… Jeepers Creepers, Scar… awful… Monster Man and Reeker… two of the worst films I’ve ever seen. But there are good ones too, Friday the 13th, Halloween, a recent one that comes to mind is Severance – well worth picking up if you see it in the video store. So where does My Bloody Valentine fall?

I wasn’t expecting much after the crappiness of the last 3D film I saw (Scar). Let’s face it, you always have to be wary with the slasher flick but actually… it was pretty decent! It helped that Jensen Ackles is in it… honestly, there are only two reasons Supernatural is still on TV… But that aside, it genuinely is good fun.

Aside from the fact that I had a good laugh at it there really isn’t a massive amount to say about the film itself. I may as well summarise the plot for you… On St. Valentine’s Day a load of people are massacred by an evil miner. 10 years later, a spate of similar murders occur, is the evil miner still alive? It is what it is really. Standard whodunit with buckets of blood thrown in.

What puts it ahead of some of the others in the genre is that it doesn’t skimp on the blood and guts, they’re all over the place. Too many times I’ve watched horror films and there’s scarcely a dead body in sight. All over the place in this one, blood flying everywhere. Also the 3D is a welcome addition (unlike in crappy crappy Scar). While you wouldn’t necessarily jump at the pickaxe swingin’ at you, it does make the experience more fun. There’s also a reasonable amount of guesswork involved in working out who the killer is – it’s not too obvious but it’s not too difficult either – you wouldn’t want to be thinking too much though, it would interfere with the popcorn eating.

So anyway, to sum up – it was good laugh and an entertaining 2 hours.


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