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Iron Man 2 Poster Robert Downey Jr.So I reckoned it was probably time I did a feature on something… I didn’t want to pick anything too far away because well, release dates change all the time, so I picked Iron Man 2.

Actually I’m not entirely sure of the release date on this. It’s supposed to be in Irish cinemas from 30 Apr 10 but the US release date is 07 May 10. I’m surprised the European release date would be earlier than the US one, but then again who knows? There’s probably some good reason for it.

Anyway I kind of assume that by now, you know there’s an Iron Man 2 coming out. Provided of course that you knew there was an Iron Man in the first place. I liked the first one enough, I didn’t love it but it was grand for what it was. I wasn’t surprised when I heard there would be a sequel; it did get some rave reviews at the time and lots of people who aren’t particularly into superhero movies seemed to really enjoy it… so… it would seem a waste not to capitalise on that good will.

If you never saw Iron Man or read the Stan Lee Iron Man comics then here’s what you missed. Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is a wealthy industrialist / engineering genius who invented this amazing ass-kicking suit and has basically become Superman. It’s like an exo-skeleton so he can take it off and do his Bruce Wayne impression.

Ok, there was a bit more to the first film than that but it was essentially an origin story so you really just need to know the gist of it to know what’s going on.

I gather from the trailers that Iron Man 2 picks up where Iron Man left off. Tony Stark is still playing the only show in town but the government are itching to get their hands on his super-suit. No doubt they want to create some super soldiers. Tony is reluctant though, since he’s been in town war has definitely been on the downward spiral; making a load of super soldiers will undoubtedly cause a bit of an upset with that.

I have links to the trailers here so let’s see what you think….

Iron Man 2 - first trailer

click on the picture to watch the 480p (46MB) trailer on apple.com

To me this first trailer is very much a teaser trailer and it’s actually a pretty decent one. Doesn’t seem to be giving too much away but still it’s pretty flash. Mickey Rourke is obviously shaping up to be the big bad here. Looks like he’s made himself his very own Iron Man type suit. Interesting…

I don’t know anything about the Iron Man comics but if you do then I gather that Rourke’s character is a mixture of Blacklash and the Crimson Dynamo characters… whoever they are.

It looks good anyway. My main problem with the first Iron Man was that I really thought that for an action film, there wasn’t a lot of action. It looks like, hopefully, perhaps, there’ll be a little more action in this one.

For your viewing pleasure I’ve also included the second trailer. This one is a bit more spoilerish and it was released just after the Oscars the other week. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be looking at trailers like this but if you don’t mind the spoilers then give it a watch and read on…

Iron Man 2 - second trailer

click on the picture to watch the 480p (43MB) trailer on apple.com

… Looks like Rourke is off to peddle his wears around town. Later there seems to be a whole heap of Iron Man style folks around, as well as a buddy for Stark, obviously the secret is out.

To be honest with you, the reason I watched these trailers myself is that I wasn’t really looking forward to Iron Man 2… Well no more than I’d look forward to your average summer blockbuster – it’s not like it’s a period drama or something. I do love the ol’ explosions but the first one just wasn’t that exciting.

Having watched the trailers though, this one looks a lot more interesting than the first one. Perhaps I will bother my ass going after all. I just hope there’s a bit more of a story than a dude in a cave tinkering with some wires… Also it has an all AC/DC soundtrack so I’m very much looking forward to that. Should be rockin’.

What do you reckon yourselves? Are you looking forward to Iron Man 2 or are you indifferent? Are you Iron Man fans? Let me know, I’d love to hear…


  1. comment-avatar
    Emmet RyanMarch 16, 2010 - 4:48 pm

    Well I was looking forward to it, then the quickish turnaround for the sequel got me worried and the first trailer didn’t assuage my fears BUT my expectations have been totally flipped by trailer number two. It looks like it’s going to be quite good.

  2. comment-avatar
    SeanMarch 16, 2010 - 6:41 pm

    Nice job, Nicola.
    I thought the first one was just about functional. Entertaining, but not a ball-grabber by any measure.
    I’ll agree though, an origins story has a lot of ‘housekeeping’ to do in setting everything up and this sequel looks like it has a lot more happening.
    Looks like they’re following up with Samuel L. Jackson/SHIELD from the hidden ending of the last one. I’ll also watch anything with Sam Rockwell in it and Scarlett Johansson hasn’t worn out her welcome with me by a damn sight.
    This looks like it has treachery, ass-kicking and explosions by the bucketload. What more could a body want?
    As long as they don’t make the mistake of Spidey 3 with having TOO much happening, this looks very promising.

    And while the AC/DC soundtrack is certainly welcome, it’s the opening chords to the Black Sabbath track still sends a shiver.

  3. comment-avatar
    Nicola-tMarch 16, 2010 - 7:51 pm

    Hey Emmet, I thought the first trailer was ok, didn’t give too much away but had a good bit of ass-kicking in it. The second one definitely makes it looks as though there’s an interesting story to it though so that’s gotta be good.

    Sean, can’t say I’m a fan of Scarlett Johansson but Sam Rockwell is a welcome addition I think. Good solid actor. Mind you, Ms. Johansson wasn’t as annoying in The Spirit as I had anticipated so maybe superhero films will prove to be the way for her to go.

    I don’t know the hidden ending you are talking about, must have missed it… damn! I’ll have to go look it up now.

    Spider-Man 3 isn’t a film I like to think about, definitely my worst film of 2007… in fact I said so at the time.


  4. comment-avatar
    SeanApril 28, 2010 - 10:34 pm

    Saw this tonight.
    It didn’t really put a foot wrong, delivered on all fronts.
    Should do well for all concerned.

    For anyone interested, there is also another teaser after the credits finish.

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