movie news: First trailer for Need for Speed movie

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movie news: First trailer for Need for Speed movie

So that’s what Jesse Pinkman got up to next.

There’s a Need For Speed movie coming. Hey, I’m a fan of splashy action movie about cars… I really am… but this one is based on a video game and that gives me huge pause for thought.

Contrary to popular belief I don’t believe that the fact that a film is based on a video games means that it will be a crap film. I’m all for the idea of making films based on video games. As a seasoned watcher of games (I don’t play them, I just like watching them) I’ve seen many games over the years with excellent stories. There’s no reason I can see that you shouldn’t be able to make a good film out of a video game… Just looking at recent games, Mass Effect 3 definitely looked like it has potential to be a great film.

The issue is that the people who make these films seem to think that they’re making video games, not films. There’s seems to be this idea out there that only fans of the game will go to the film, and all those fans want to see is their favourite game on the big screen. Not so! Well, maybe so… but I really believe that if you made a film, a real film, with a story and real characters and not just people running around shooting people (or whatever your game is) you might get an audience for your film after all.

I’m just putting that out there.

There’s always hope though… maybe Need For Speed is the film that will prove me right. After all, it does have the writer of The Adjustment Bureau, George Nolfi on board. Maybe we’ll finally get a video game movie worth watching.

And if it isn’t the film… well at least we get to see everyone’s favourite TV meth head Aaron Paul on the big screen.

Need For Speed is in US, UK and Irish cinemas on 14 March 2014

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