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You may or may not remember Honey as one of the many many dance films that appeared in the cinemas after films like Save The Last Dance revived the genre back in the early 2000’s. More likely though, is that you may remember it as one of the first films Jessica Alba starred in after leaving Dark Angel, the show that really put her on the map.

Honey 2 is the follow up film from the director of Honey and features Katerina Graham of TV’s The Vampire Diaries. Graham stars as Maria Ramierz, a talented dancer who, in the past had found herself on the wrong side of the law. Having just been released from juvenile detention, Maria heads back into the world of the dance battles to prove herself and her worth.

Ok, it’s not the type of film I usually cover, but I do love a good dance battle so here you go.


release date: 10th June 2011
director: Billy Woodruff
writer: Blayne Weaver, Alyson Fouse
cast: Katerina Graham, Randy Wayne, Audrina Patridge
genre: Dance, Teen Drama

Video clips available
Theatrical Trailer
clip: HD Crew auditions for Battle Zone

Theatrical Trailer

clip: HD Crew auditions

Honey 2 is releasing on 10th June 2011

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