movie news: Trailer for The Lone Ranger (2013)

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movie news: Trailer for The Lone Ranger (2013)

Let me just start this by saying that I don’t know anything about The Lone Ranger. He’s one of those fictional characters that just passed me by. I don’t know who he is or what his agenda is and, at the time of writing this sentence, I’m not even sure if it’s Armie Hammer or Johnny Depp who is “The Lone Ranger”.
I’m guess it’s probably not Depp though. He doesn’t look like a ranger of any sort. Anyway, I’m going to watch the trailer now… so I can actually bring you the movie news.

Ok. With that out of the way… Here’s my take on this new film The Lone Ranger.

It looks like pretty standard action flick set in the Old West to be honest. Which is not to say that a bad thing. I was worried it might be more of a Western. I don’t like Westerns. This just looks like some fun and explosions. Could be good. Might be crap.

I’m curious to see what Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer are doing to make it a little bit different. They famously had to chop the budget down after spiraling costs made Disney threaten to pull the plug on them. In fact, Disney did pull the plug on them for a while so I presume they really did chop the budget. So I wonder how that will affect it.

My main hope is that it doesn’t go the way of John Carter. Now, I liked John Carter. I saw well after it was proclaimed one of the worst flops in history and to be honest, I thought it was pretty decent… but I can see how it ended up the way it did. It was a difficult film to market and if you confuse the paying audiences expectations, they tend to be unforgiving. I hope Disney haven’t made another massive mis-step with this. It better be an actioner with lots of Johnny Depp doing his thing, because if it turns out to be some kind of mystic journey or something… well… people are gonna be pissed.

What makes me want to watch it is mainly Armie Hammer. He’s been waiting to be someone ever since The Social Network (review) but he’s been tied up with this for so long that he hasn’t really ha a chance to blossom. I hope this is his chance.

And, truth is, I like seeing Johnny Depp do his thing. We see him squinting (curious) and flaring his nostrils (scared) in the trailer so I’m sure we’ll see his toothy grin (menacing) and he’s bound to have added a few more quirks for the character. He’s always a solid performer, as is Helena Bonham Carter. Even when they’re phoning it in they’re watchable. Let’s hope they do a little more than that here.

What do you think yourself? Is this going to be worth a look? Check out the trailer below.

The Lone Ranger is in US cinemas on 3rd July 2013 and UK and Irish cinemas on 9th August 2013.

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