clips and trailers: 21 & Over (2013)

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clips and trailers: 21 & Over (2013)

21 & Over marks the directorial debut of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore Also known as the guys who wrote The Hangover. As you’ll find out in the trailer.

Since they are the writers of The Hangover, and they wrote this, it’s probably safe to say you have some idea of what you’re going to get. and since it’s about young people it looks like there’s a little Project X thrown in the mix.

Happily, I quite liked Project X, and The Hangover. I even quite liked The Hangover Part II (review) to be honest. They’ve made a good move casting Miles Teller as well, I’ve always found him generally likeable, and he’s recognisable as the party guy from Project X so they’ve already got a bit of work done for them.

I guess you could say I’m predisposed to this film. If I were feeling mean I’d say it probably looks a little tired, give that we’ve already had two Hangover films, and Project X, and three Harold & Kumar films. But hey, if you enjoy their work, I’d imagine you’ll probably enjoy this.

Check out the trailer below and comment, tweet or Facebook and let me know what you think.

21 & Over is in Irish and UK cinemas from 3rd May 2013

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