movie news: New trailers for Ryan Gosling’s new film, Only God Forgives

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movie news: New trailers for Ryan Gosling’s new film, Only God Forgives

There’s no way this film could be as cool as it looks.

Only God Forgives is Ryan Gosling’s second team up with Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

Unlike most people, it seems, I’m not a massive fan of Ryan Gosling. I like him, he’s a good actor. He was great in Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, The Notebook… but for the last couple of years I have to say, he’s just not doing it for me. He’s in real danger of becoming over-exposed. Maybe he’s working too much but it seems to me that he’s lost a sparkle in his eyes. Dare I accusing him of phoning it in for the last couple of films?

Plus, I really didn’t like Drive, so there’s really no particular reason for me to look forward to this at all…

… Except that these trailers look amazing. Two trailers came out the other day. I’m rather partial to the one with French subtitles but I’ve included the other as well below.

Oddly enough, these trailers put me in mind of Tarantino. Except that obviously one of the biggest things about Tarantino is the dialogue and, judging by Drive and Gosling films in general, there’s no going to be much of that. Also, there are Tarantino’s music choices. Completely different from the use of music in this trailer. So… I don’t really know why it puts me in mind of Tarantino.

Except that it does.

I think it might just be because Gosling seems to be a Tarantino type superhero in these trailers. Could that be it? Or maybe it’s just because it looks cooler than thou. Quentin Tarantino films are nothing if not cool.

Anyway, the final product will probably be nothing like QT. It’ll probably be more like Kim Ki-Duk film more than anything else… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Let me know what you think of the trailer? Do you think it looks as cool as I think it does?

Only God Forgives premieres at Cannes Film Festival in May. No UK or Irish release date has been announced yet but it’s set for part of Europe at the end of May then the US in July so I’m guessing it’s be out here sometime before then. June…?

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